Spring Training camp

2011 Georgia Spring Training Camp
Richard B. Russell – Elberton, Georgia
Peterborough Rowing Club is excited to extend an invitation to all rowers to participate in our Early Spring 2011 Georgia Training Camp.

This spring training camp has become part of our traditions here at the PRC. The desire to participate in the camp has been demonstrated by the high interest and attendance in past years. This year’s trip will depart from Peterborough on March 11th, 2011 with arrival date of March 19th, 2011. (departing March 18th, Friday)

Participation in the Spring Camp is open to all members of the PRC who have rowed a complete season with the Club.

Daily Activities
Training Session on the water (4-5 hours weather dependent)

Rowers will be housed in cabins that sleep 4-5 people. Cabins are equipped with kitchens, heat, and bathroom facilities. **Cabin groupings will be determined by the PRC coaches.

Price to Participate
$650 (Trip includes bus transportation, food and accommodations.)

Forward payments to the Terry Kelly c/o Peterborough Rowing Club.

Peterborough Rowing Club: PO Box 1403, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7H6

First payment must be received by the club not later January 7th, 2011 for $130.00 (20% of the cost). The balance ($520) must be received by February 15th, 2011.

Additional Requirements
A passport will be required at the Border

High School Rowers a letter of consent from their Parents or any other paperwork required by the Board of Education.

Requests for more information can be directed to Barbara Faulkner, Peterborough Rowing Club via email. Email Barbara at – barbara@falcon-equipment.com